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Goal Aware 2007 it is a goals management software that helps you: to achieve your personal
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28 March 2007

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Are you always in a stress and tension about your goals and achievements in your professional and personal life? Goal Aware 2007 1.0 can help you to a great extent. This shareware application helps you to plan and set your time table in a very effective way.

With this application all you need to do first is set your goals. In the next step with Goal Aware you can plan and assign number of hours in a day or number of days, months or years in your lifetime to achieve your goal. Then each time you open the application you can see all your goals and their time span on the single screen. This can make you cautious about your goals and help you take new challenges and assign them enough time. Working on Goal Aware 2007 is really easy. And this application can really keep you focused at your goal achievements in your life.

This application is useful only if you are serious towards your job otherwise no one can help you out.

Publisher's description

Organize your objectives!
Goal Aware 2007 it is a goals management software that helps you: to achieve your personal and professional goals, to get organized and make better use of your time.
First step in managing your time is to determin your objectives. Once you have fixed your objectives is more easy to accomplish them, each at one time.
Using Goal Aware 2007 you will be able to organize your objectives on days, month, year, and even lifetime, and be able to see all four types of objectives at once.
One of his big features is an user-friendly interface wich allows you to easy uderstand it.
Goal Aware is focused on self-improvement, personal achievement and success of our users lifes.
Goal Aware 2007
Goal Aware 2007
Version 1.0
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Joe Waddicor
Excellent - nice, simple, not overly complicated, perfect for list building!
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